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WorldEmp "The Specialist in Remote Working" makes Dutch companies stronger.

The shortages of highly skilled staff continues to increase in the Netherlands and Western Europe, it limits organizations in their growth, increases the pressure on existing teams and by the minimal choice of professionals, concessions are made to the quality of the staff recruited.

WorldEmp's vision is that every company should have access to all the talent of the world.

WorldEmp recruits international highly educated talent that fits well within the culture and facilitates this in an innovative way to Western companies under fair conditions.

Highly trained specialists as a "remote colleague" in your office in no time.

Specialists in the fields: Engineering, Software development, Data science and Financial specialists – Bachelor / Master degree with at least 6 to 8 years of experience

WorldEmp currently has its headquarters in Velsen-zuid the Netherlands and 5 international offices.

  • WorldEmp does find the (technical) highly educated professionals
  • More certainty because the WorldEmp employees are intensively tested
  • You retain control over the work and your projects
  • Confidentiality of your data and intellectual property
  • WorldEmp is completely transparent, all organized to high ethical standards in a Western working environment
  •  From 1 FTE to a complete team
  • Recruitment time 2 to 6 weeks