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WinSys IT Solutions

Why WinSys?
There is no problem with your costs (while already using a lot of cloud) for IT services? There is no demand for centralizing data and applications for more efficiency? The is no reason for a good advice and guidance of how to use Teams, Azure, Office365 and other cloudsolutions? There is a perfect integration of IoT, Office, legacy applications, internet, Wifi, telephony and all hardware?

If all of this is the case, you must be a happy customer of WinSys! 😊

For over 22 years we are working with the knowledge you may expect from a Dutch company which owns a well-known fast datacenter in Amsterdam since 2006. We are servicing from locations worldwide and partnering with Microsoft (Gold direct CSP), Acer and Netgear.

In harbors from Dubai, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and off course in IJmuiden (where our HQ is), we are specialized in customers in logistics, breakbulk, hotels, offices and many more. Not just ‘PowerPoint’ environments, because it’s about working users anywhere. The inter-company strategy and the way we price our services per month, make us always be a steps ahead of others. Secure, Live! and fast.

WinSys understands the customers identity. We make complicated IT as easy as it can be!