Offshore wind is growing fast. Based on the climate goals defined by the government, decisions have been made to realise over 9,000 MW, more than 1,000 turbines at sea in the direct hinterland of our region. Based on the climate goals of the Dutch government, decisions were made to increase output from 4.5 GW to 11.5 GW between 2024 and 2030. This will involve more than 1,300 turbines at sea in the direct hinterland of our region.

Our region is the closest in terms of geographic proximity to the North Sea wind farms, making it a unique and favourable operational base for all activities. We have the ambition to serve the entire offshore wind chain lifecycle and associated electrical infrastructure.

AYOP-members have all the expertise required in house.


Wind at sea is playing a major role in the energy transition and climate agreements. Achieving the related goals will demand lots of sustainably generated power to support issues like the electrification of the industry and the mobility & replacement of natural gas in the built environment. Hydrogen, the product itself and its storage, also require a great deal of electricity. Wind at sea offers an ideal solution for large-scale generation.

Accommodating the plans for wind at sea in the Netherlands between 2030 to 2050 demands space for 27 GW on top of the 11 GW. This total of 38 GW will ensure the Netherlands can fulfil its own energy demand as much as possible.

The UK has goals for 40 GW in 2030 and will have to expand to 75 GW to attain zero CO2 emissions. Between 7 and 8.5 GW are included in the so-called ‘Fourth Round’ licensing procedure.

In addition to the wind farms, production of new turbines is also increasing. The 36 turbines installed in our first wind farm at sea, Noordzeewind, produce 3 MW each. Together they generate sustainable electricity for over 100,000 households. The Hollandse Kust wind farm will feature turbines of 11 MW each – nearly four times as much in a period of just over ten years. Energy generation is becoming increasingly efficient.

The Netherlands is rapidly switching to green power that is increasingly generated sustainably by wind turbines at sea. The construction of the future wind farms Hollandse Kust Noord, Zuid, West and IJmuiden Ver off the coast of our region will bring a substantial stream of offshore activities to the province of North Holland. These are some of the results of joint research conducted by the ports of IJmuiden, Den Helder and Amsterdam, and reviewed by TNO. Dorothy Winters, offshore wind programme manager at AYOP, was one of the supervisors of report author, Jesse Bruijnzeels from Port of Amsterdam. The report can be downloaded here.

Knowledge and experience

Our region has already gained valuable experience with the first three wind farms in the Netherlands: Noordzeewind, Prinses Amalia and Luchterduinen, and the construction of the Westermeerwind park on the IJsselmeer lake. Two world records will be broken at the time of delivery. Autumn 2020 saw construction start on the Ijsselmeer of the largest near-shore farm Windpark Fryslân, with 89 turbines. In 2022 Vattenfall will begin building the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm, offering a total of 140 turbines. Crosswinds, a partnership between Shell and Eneco, will also commence construction of the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm in 2022.

AYOP-members are already active in the maintenance of existing wind farms off the coast and our region serves as the maintenance base for Hollandse Kust Zuid. In addition, a combination of companies from Velsen is supplying a significant number of cables for various European wind projects. The region also developed an innovative system for safe transfer from vessel to turbine, and another new system is underway. Moreover, work vessels that supply the wind farms can have their maintenance and a variety of modifications completed here. And that’s just a small percentage of our members’ products and services.

The 20-fold increase of wind at sea off our coast can only be realised if a number of crucial conditions are met, something which our region and members can certainly facilitate via:

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Broad product and service portfolio
  • Network and existing partnerships
  • Development of the Energy Port (extra space for activities like storage and assembly, directly by the sea)
  • A focus on suitable staff and innovation.

Bird’s eye view of logistics at the largest wind farm on inland water

Blades, towers, hubs: a wide range of wind turbine parts have been delivered from the Amsterdam ports in recent times to the construction site of the largest inland water wind farm park in the Netherlands. The 89th and last turbine left the TMA Logistics terminal in the Amerikahaven in October and Windpark Fryslân is now ready for action. Port of Amsterdam and AYOP have made a fascinating drone video that captures the vital role of the North Sea Canal region in this giant logistical undertaking. Watch the video below.

Windpark Fryslân, which will have a capacity of around 380 MW and supply power to some 500,000 households, is the fifth largest wind farm to be installed from this region

he Amsterdam-IJmuiden region has made a major contribution to realising the largest inland water wind farm, leveraging on its facilities and expertise to enable smooth logistics, assembly and parts production. In addition to TMA Logistics, various other locations in the ports of IJmuiden and Amsterdam have played a key role. Moreover, with the completion of the Energy Port in Ijmuiden in 2025, we will also be able to facilitate the installation of the future offshore wind farms off the North Sea coast.


Click on the links to see previously published interviews with some of the parties involved:

Joris Hol, project leader for Windpark Fryslân

Bert Korbeeck, general director of Wesco IJmuiden

Michael van Toledo, general manager at TMA Logistics

Tom Nooij, managing director at Wind B.V and Gert van den Hoek, project manager at TKF



“IJmuiden will soon be the most important O&M port for offshore wind, which is the perfect place for us. AYOP brings the entire network together, from customers to suppliers and partners.”
Geert Timmers
Managing Director, Deutsche Windtechnik
Deutsche Windtechnik

“The North Sea is a busy place with gas platforms being dismantled or reused and lots of activity related to communication cables and windmills. With significant expansion on the horizon in the years ahead our services will prove very useful.”
Jurgen Beerens
Commercial Director
Deep, Hydrography & Geophysics

“The IJmond region is the ‘green plug’ of the MRA. I see many opportunities for the Beverwijk business to continue working on sustainable economic growth and development via offshore wind. It is a very innovative sector with a job guarantee and enormous growth potential. We are pleased to work with AYOP to capitalize on these opportunities.”
Serge Ferraro
Municipality Beverwijk