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Voice-controlled helmets as a solution for remote working

Clients of Knowledge Insight, one of the latest new members of Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports, have been working remotely since long before COVID-19. Among other items, the company supplies voice-controlled helmets for the onshore and offshore industries. Fitted with camera and microphone, the helmets free the hands of engineers on site so they can easily consult documents. Colleagues can also follow their activities remotely.

View a demonstration of the voice-controlled (helmet) tablet from RealWare.

The helmets give engineers and technicians access to the right information and/or allow them to communicate directly with colleagues for support during inspections or repairs. Onsite employees have the correct data, are able to work with their colleagues at a distance when necessary, and benefit from ‘just in time’ learning.

As the helmets allow inspections to be realised supported by fully automated workflows, employees can focus on the quality of the inspection. The often-laborious reports are generated on the fly and sent automatically, reducing downtime and limiting the need to send expert technicians to the location. This would also be a good solution in the current situation for service employees active in offshore wind or oil & gas.

Clearly, the application can offer major short-term benefits when it comes to improving the effectiveness of technical staff in the field. In addition to the direct transfer and anchoring of knowledge, issues such as preventive maintenance and asset management could also be developed in the medium to long term. In addition, the helmets can be linked to an ERP system or used to manage technical staff via work orders and sub orders, even taking into account the certification of the technician involved.

Knowledge Insight is a valuable addition to the AYOP-network.

Voice-controlled helmets as a solution for remote working 2