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Vlog Alphatron Marine cooperation Spliethoff

Since to the corona measures in March 2020, many joint AYOP promotion and networking events have been cancelled. We then started looking for ways to stay connected with each other. We do this by the weekly AYOP Business Call, among other things. But we also want to offer our members a ‘stage’ to show their business to the other members, the sector and potential workers.

Vlog series
We have therefore offered a number of our members the opportunity to show what they are doing in a short vlog. Bredenoord, Breman Offshore, Industrieel Klimmen Lubbers Logstics Group, Newrest, REYM and Van Gool Hef- en Hijstechniek are the first vloggers to give us a look behind the scenes.

Alphatron Marine / Spliethoff

Alphatron Marine is an importer, supplier and installer of high-quality navigation and communication equipment on board ships. Spliethoff was looking for a partner who could assist them with the inspection and maintenance of all nautical and navcom related equipment on board. Both AYOP-members found each other. Jeroen Kortsmit (Alphatron Marine) en Ton Schouten (Spliethoff) tell about the co-operation (in Dutch)