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Uplifting collaboration between AYOP members Breman Machinery and Van Oord

Over the past months, Breman Machinery BV in Genemuiden has worked hard to construct a Casing Lifting Adapter – a lifting tool for the installation of 190 foundation piles for the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm, currently being built off the coast of Brittany. Van Oord will be transporting and installing the foundation for this wind farm.

As a fully custom-made lifting tool, the Casing Lifting Adapter has a capacity of 308 tonnes. Being a bespoke piece of equipment, the adapter had to be subjected to a load test to check that it provided the required lifting capacity and could accommodate any extra loads that might occur during activities.

In this case a load test of at least 387 tonnes in a horizontal test setup was required. A temporary test bank was built from lifting beams, steel valves, lifting gantry beams and jacks.

The Casing Lift Adapter was successfully subjected to a safe and accurately registered load test for two positions under the watchful eye of auditors from DNVGL in early March.