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Topshore joins AYOP

Topshore Rotterdam recently joined the AYOP network. The specialist in employment services can tap into an extensive recruitment pool.

Topshore is a young and ambitious company that is specialised in national and international employment services for higher educated jobs in technology. Its experience mainly lies in the mechanical sector and offshore, oil & gas and maritime industries. “Our core business is recruitment, but we are also involved in outplacement and internal mobility trajectories which are partly realised in-house,” says Boy Ramirez Verhoeven, managing partner in Topshore.

Since the establishment of Topshore two years ago, it has been filling various positions for clients in the offshore industry. Examples of successful recruitment trajectories range from the placement of engineers, project and tender managers to buyers and sales managers at various offshore companies. The recruitment pool involves an extensive network of experienced technology professionals.

Among its recent activities, Topshore successfully concluded an outplacement trajectory for an engineering and construction company in offshore wind, helping all outplacement candidates – from engineering project manager to the on-site installer – to quickly find a new job. In addition, it is currently coordinating and implementing the mobility of a maritime organisation partly in-house, actively helping employees find new opportunities within the organisation itself.

Topshore was established by fellow AYOP member MeeMaken BV and the Westerduin Group, a synergy that ensures the right knowledge and experience for employment services in the offshore industry.

“With the considerable demand for technically trained staff in our sector, Topshore is an excellent addition to our network,” says Sylvia Boer, AYOP director. “The company’s fresh and innovative perspective will definitively add further value.”