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The newest AYOP-member: Fabricom Offshore Services

AYOP has welcomed Fabricom Offshore Services BV as the 95th member of the association. Fabricom is a service provider in the energy sector with over 45 years of experience in supplying multidisciplinary technical services and solutions to clients in the onshore and offshore oil & gas sector and offshore wind. “We believe it is crucial to be closely connected to our markets,” says Matthijs Marcus, commercial manager of Fabricom Offshore Services. “AYOP provides an excellent network with members who share a strong focus on service provision for offshore energy. Moreover, its members are very diverse, and we’ve seen that AYOP actively promotes the strength of these joined forces. We look forward to playing our part.”

With its home base in Den Helder, Fabricom Offshore Services is part of mother company ENGIE. This global service and energy company strives to be a frontrunner in the transition to sustainable energy by aiming for innovative technical solutions, integrated and sustainable development areas, energy-efficient smart building solutions, and a reliable generation and supply of green energy.

Fabricom Offshore Services comprises the offshore division of ENGIE Benelux together with facilities in Hoboken, which build offshore high voltage substations for the offshore wind sector. Fabricom supplies qualified and competent technical staff for the onshore and offshore energy sector, and also works with its partner in Hoboken on the maintenance of offshore wind farms and offshore high voltage substations.

Oil & Gas
Over the decades, Fabricom Offshore Services has been active with operations, maintenance, construction, installation and modifications in the offshore oil & gas market, and has developed excellent long-term relations with the various oil & gas producers on the North Sea. Since 2002, one of its contracts is for the E&I and mechanical maintenance of all production platforms of a client in the Dutch part of the North Sea. “The contract not only applies at sea,” explains Marcus. “It also includes activities onshore where our support engineers operate from the client’s offices to support the offshore technicians. We also provide staff and clients with technical and operational support from our own head office.”

Offshore Wind
In line with the global commitment of the ENGIE Group to the development of sustainable energy sources, Fabricom Offshore Services also performs activities on a large number of offshore wind farms. Marcus: “Leveraging on what we have achieved in the oil & gas sector, it made sense to become active in the sustainable offshore energy sector as an operations, maintenance & service specialist as well.” Fabricom Offshore Services has since performed a variety of service, inspection and maintenance activities on various wind farms on the North Sea and in the German/Danish part of the Baltic Sea.

“I am delighted to welcome Fabricom Offshore Services to our association,” says AYOP director Sylvia Boer. “Not just because the company is active in oil & gas as well as wind, but also because it provides innovative solutions for increasing the sustainability of the sector. All in all, Fabricom makes our network even more valuable.”