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TenneT is primarily tasked with providing power transmission services, system services and facilitating the energy market. Our core tasks follow from our appointment as grid operator under the Dutch 'Elektriciteitswet' (E-wet) and the German 'Energiewirtschaftsgesetz' (EnWG).

With the project Hollandse Kust (north) (west Alpha) and (west Beta) off the coast of North Holland, TenneT is responsible for connecting the wind farms that are being built in the North Sea to the national electricity grid (Net op Zee). To make this possible, TenneT is building a platform at sea, laying cables at sea and on land and building a transformer station on the industrial estate between Zeestraat and Tata Steel. The construction of the Net op Zee and the wind farms is carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. In addition to these projects, TenneT also connects wind farms off the coast of South Holland and north of the Wadden.