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Silver Flight

The Dutch airline Silver Flight was founded in 2019 and flies with 2 modern and comfortable Pilatus PC12-NGX private jet aircrafts. In doing so, the company has been able to rely on the strength of the Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft. Aircraft from this aircraft manufacturer are renowned for their particularly spacious seating and luggage space, versatility, stability, durability, safety and comfort. And the ability to land on very short runways, which means that no fewer than 2,500 European airports are accessible – almost three times as many as with a regular private plane. In this way, business and private travelers reach their final destination faster and more efficiently. Because the devices only have one motor, they are also considerably more durable than regular private devices. The CO2 that is released is fully compensated.

As of August, the new Pilatus PC12-NGX aircraft PH-SFG and PH-SFH have been added to the fleet. Silver Flight stands for efficiency, sustainability, personal attention, a new and smart way of flying and safety. The strength of the Pilatus PC12-NGX is flying the shorter routes within Europe to the smaller airports closer to the final destination. We are happy to welcome the travelers of the AYOP members on board!

Silver Flight 2