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RTV Seaport interviews Sylvia Boer

Promotional organisation Citymarketing Velsen and RTV Seaport are making a television series this year that focuses on the highlights of Velsen. The third episode on IJmuiden and its surroundings involves topics such as the offshore energy market in the North Sea Canal region. It features an interview with AYOP director Sylvia Boer who spoke of the developments in offshore energy (wind, oil & gas, and decommissioning), the dedicated Energiehaven port, the opportunities for the region, and the possibilities for partnerships between various companies, government bodies and research institutes.


The interview with Sylvia was announced via the channels of Citymarketing: “The companies in the North Sea Canal region focused on offshore energy are united in Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports. Director Sylvia Boer tells us about the significant opportunities for the region following the development of two major wind parks. The establishment of the Energiehaven port in IJmuiden, due to be completed in 2025, is one of the essential elements. And major energy players Vattenfall and ENECO recently joined AYOP, giving us plenty to discuss!”

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