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Offshore Wind

OV IJmond

Connecting, promoting, networking and sharing knowledge.

With over 500 members, OV IJmond is one of the main players in the North Sea Canal region and Greater Amsterdam.

Established in 2014 by a merger between HOV IJmond and OHBU, OV IJmond has become an advocate for many businesses in the IJmond area. With over 500 members, we are also a major player in Greater Amsterdam too. Our aim is to enable connections, promote the interests of our members, and facilitate networking and knowledge sharing.

OV IJmond keeps a keen eye on our environment and maintains close connections with relevant stakeholders, including:

  • The municipalities in the IJmond region
  • The province of North Holland
  • Amsterdam Economic Board
  • Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports
  • Trade associations in the North Sea Canal region (ZON, Vebam, Oram, Amports and Westpoort)
  • Industriekring Haarlem
  • MKB-IJmond
  • Project agency NZKG