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North Sea Canal area with Energy Port to become offshore wind capital of the Netherlands?

This was the ambition and expectation expressed by AYOP-director Sylvia Boer during the Alternative Port Guild Dinner organised by Amports on 27 November. The dinner took place as a livestream television show, called Trossen Los! Presenter Jort Kelder interviewed various people at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam to discuss their vision of the future of the ports, especially after the pandemic. They were also asked about the energy transition and residential buildings in the port area, two of the main themes of the online programme.

The show featured four videos about various current events in the ports. Sylvia Boer spoke in one of them about the opportunities for the Energy Port and the goal to make the North Sea Canal area the new offshore wind capital of the Netherlands, and perhaps even Europe. In addition, Willem van der Wel of Windcat Workboats talked about the Crew Transfer Vessels that bring staff and equipment to the wind turbines and the essential role they play in their operation. Peter van der Meerakker of the Port of IJmuiden NV gave an insight into the IJmuiden fishing industry.

Watch the video about Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports, Windcat Workboats and the Port of IJmuiden here.