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New member BOTA: transporting complete drilling rigs to wind turbines

BOTA Transport recently joined AYOP. Situated in IJmuiden, the company is specialised in transport operations for the energy sector.  “We see many leading service providers to North Sea wind farms using the Ijmuiden port as their home base,” says Jerry van den Bosch, director of BOTA Transport: “We can play a valuable role in these activities, and joining AYOP is a logical next step in that respect.”

Horse and cart

Founder Jerry van den Bosch and his team of drivers and experts represent a century of experience in oil and gas services. The company started transporting stone, fish and ice by horse and cart over a century ago and, while much has obviously changed in the meantime, the passion for transport has only become stronger.

Special loads and transport for offshore

Today BOTA Transport is involved in complex projects for the oil, gas and wind industry on a daily basis. Its work ranges from the transport of complete drilling rigs for on and offshore activities to moving 25-metre blades for wind turbines and the storage of explosives. The company also provides daily groupage services to England (Newcastle and Birmingham) and Scotland (Aberdeen).

 “Our strength mainly lies in our flexibility,” says Jerry. “We have a small, flexible team with our own drivers that can switch quickly. A recent example is a phone call we received from an oil company that lacked an essential part for a drilling rig on the North Sea which had to be loaded in Milan at 15.00. We were there in time, and delivered it to the heliport in Den Helder at 09.00 the next morning, where our team was ready to immediately transport the part to the drilling rig. It could not have been done any faster so the client was very pleased. And so were we!”

Extensive fleet

The BOTA Transport fleet of comprises over 40 semi-deeploaders and deeploaders, open trailers, tautliners and 4 and 5-axle double extendable deeploaders for the transport of all weights and sizes. It will soon be extended with a 99 t/m box truck with a crane for loading and unloading. Jerry: “This box truck will help us expand our services for existing clients, and can also be used for loading and unloading ship cargo or placing prefab parts in the housing sector.”

The company has ongoing permits for exceptional transport in the Benelux region, the UK, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


BOTA Transport limits the impact of its service provision on the environment, and all vehicles in its fleet meet European emission guidelines. Effective planning keeps fuel consumption low while also minimising CO2 emissions. BOTA Transport invests in new developments and the latest and most sustainable equipment to ensure its clients an optimal service and minimise any impact on the environment.

“While we all clearly have to be smarter about how we deal with the climate and our resources, the transition to a more sustainable world cannot be achieved without transport,” adds Jerry. “It is essential to make transportation as sustainable as possible and that’s why BOTA uses vehicles with minimal consumption and emissions. Any emissions that can’t be avoided are compensated with credits via a collaboration with Shell’s CO2 project. Every litre of fuel represents € 0.01 that goes back to Shell for tree planting projects in endangered forest regions around the world.”

More than transport

In addition to the transport of special cargo, fast transport & express services, container rental and hazardous materials, BOTA Transport also provides storage and transhipment services via its warehouse facilities in IJmuiden, Aberdeen and Newcastle. For long term or short, indoor or outdoor storage, the company has forklifts (5 and 12 tonnes) and cranes for the easy unloading and storing of heavy cargo such as (drilling) pipelines, reels, anchors and technical equipment. In addition, it offers office space and warehouse facilities for a wide range of equipment for the oil & gas sector.

“It is wonderful that a specialist with such extensive experience in complex transport for the offshore oil, gas and wind sector is strengthening our network,” says Sylvia Boer, director of Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP). “And like AYOP, BOTA consists of a small team that can quickly adapt and has a strong focus on sustainability.”