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New AYOP member WorldEmp offers access to highly educated technical talent

The latest addition to the AYOP membership WorldEmp connects knowledge, labour capacity and demand, digitally and globally. Via the remote deployment of technical professionals around the world, the company provides solutions to the growing shortfall in skilled workers within two to six weeks. “We see enormous potential for WorldEmp within the AYOP network,” says CEO Frank Korf. “Our concept will provide many members with the chance to grow by accessing highly educated talent. This will also increase the profitability of their companies.”

Since its establishment in 2014, WorldEmp has built up a reliable network for the remote recruitment of professionals. SMEs can be connected to technically competent and reliable personnel around the world at competitive costs. WorldEmp’s Dutch mother company is headquartered in Velsen-Zuid and the company has opened offices in university centres and knowledge hubs in countries as diverse as India and Switzerland.

The engineers are added as new colleagues to the team of the organisation for technical drawings, engineering activities, software development and much more besides. In addition to their technical skills, they are selected for their problem-solving capacity, proactive attitude, agility, assertiveness and ability to fit within the Dutch culture. A training course called ‘Dealing with the Dutch’ enables the candidate to go through various scenarios with the trainer that can take place in the actual workspace.

WorldEmp also ensures the employees have a pleasant working environment by investing in good offices which, if desired, can be fitted out according to the corporate identity and branding of the client. WorldEmp also ensures that the right hardware, equipment and communication tools are in place. Remote colleagues can log in live to the Dutch office via the digital platform so that working in short sprints can be easily and efficiently arranged with a remote team.

“The Netherlands is facing a major shortage of technically trained people,” comments AYOP director Sylvia Boer. “Our sector is also feeling the pinch and the deployment of well-educated professionals abroad is an option that provides an effective short-term solution. WorldEmp can have a significant role to play in this for our members.”