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Municipality Zaanstad

The municipality of Zaanstad is the local government authority north of Amsterdam, one of the five strongest economic regions in Europe. A predominantly industrial area with some 30% of the labour force employed in the production sector, Zaanstad has 135,000 inhabitants and a total of 50,000 jobs. It also has a major sea port which is primarily active in cocoa, wood products and grains.

The main target of local policy is to attract production industry to the region by implementing the economic plan ‘Ready for the future’, offering ideal locations and providing various sources of (technological) services and government aid. The HoogTij business park is located on the south-western side of the city of Zaanstad at the heart of the Amsterdam port area. Strategically located in relation to the Dutch capital and Schiphol Airport, HoogTij has over 80 hectares of plots available and some 900 metres of quay.