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Looking back on a successful Offshore Energy 2021

Having been postponed last year due to the pandemic it was good to take part in the 2021 edition of the Offshore Energy exhibition on 26 and 27 October. As used to be the case, the AYOP pavilion had a prominent place near the entrance to the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. An impressive total of 39 AYOP members were represented there with others having their own stand elsewhere at the show or attending as visitors. How did the pavilion members find the event? Here are a few of the reactions and some images.

Stephen Zwanenburg, Manager/Director at Kuhlman Repko Shipping Amsterdam: “This was our first time at Offshore Energy and everything was superbly arranged at the pavilion from start to finish. The breakfast and – in particular – the dinner for AYOP members were excellent chances to get to know our colleagues better and we will certainly be returning next year!”
Attila Csizmarik, Manager Energy at Oceanwide: “Although we have participated in Offshore Energy before this was our first time at the AYOP pavilion. It all turned out very well and showed that together we are indeed stronger. We were able to make good use of each other’s network and support our fellow members in various ways.”

Robert Peters, Sales Manager at Industrieel Klimmen: “Taking part in the AYOP pavilion is a financially efficient way to participate in the Offshore Energy exhibition. It was made easy for us too as AYOP took care of all the preparations. The ultimate results will take time to become clear but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected.”

Marcel van Leeuwen, CEO at Van Leeuwen Zwanenburg Sloopwerken (VLZS): “As has always been the case at such events we can both support each other and enjoy exceptional networking. There was nothing we needed to do in advance and it was super to be able to come and go as we pleased. I think we should use next year’s Offshore Energy to highlight the challenges we’re facing on the labour market. The exhibition is a great opportunity to bring our sector to the attention of students and young talents.”

Luuk Kooij, Account Manager at Roodenberg Staalkabels: “This was the first time that we have been represented at Offshore Energy and the collective appearance of the AYOP pavilion certainly offers added value. Complements are due to everyone at AYOP involved in the organisation as it all went very smoothly. Breakfast was a nice kick-off together, although you are still busy setting up your own stand.”

Sylvia Boer, director AYOP: “It was clear that people were more than ready to come together again in person at an event like Offshore Energy. A place where all the relevant contacts are easily within reach, but also a fine opportunity for the members to network with each other. And that produced some instant results. As well as introducing DecomMissionBlue to the market, which immediately led to a request for an offer, one of our members made multiple appointments to demonstrate their product. In short, this was two highly productive days!”