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03/06/21 15:30

General Members Meeting

We are pleased to invite you to the annual General Members Meeting on Thursday 3 July. Although it will be taking place online for the second time, we can promise you a surprising and inspiring event.

During the meeting we’ll look back on 2020 and forward to 2021. The agenda for the meeting and the minutes from 2020 are send to you if you sign up.

A serious smile
The general meeting will conclude with some words of wisdom from stand-up comedian and keynote speaker Joris Mencke. Prior to the event Joris will be talking to six members about their wishes related to change and showcase the resulting videos in a unique way. While the presentation will include some lighter moments, the key focus will be on inspirational examples from our sector, reflecting the way the energy transition is seeing developments proceed at full speed.

About Joris
Joris can be described in many ways. A failed tennis player, Master in Law, manager, consultant, Mongolia cyclist, comedian and keynote speaker. If anyone is able to talk about change, Joris is the man. While cycling he discovered that in order to make something of his life he would need to place himself in situations where he had to perform, where there was nobody to hide behind and where he would have to be his true self. Various detours and career switches finally brought him to his ‘First aid for change’ keynote with which he is currently touring the Netherlands.

Making things more enjoyable
Society is rapidly changing and our sector is certainly feeling the effects. There’s no point in looking away, we have to prepare for the changes to come. That said, change in any company often results in resistance and some 70% of change trajectories fail. So, when can change be successful and how do we deal with resistance? During his keynote for AYOP’s general meeting Joris will take you into the world of change and propose changes that may not make things easier but definitely more enjoyable!

Thursday 3 June 2021

15.00 General Members Meeting

16.00 Joris Mencke

17.00 End

There is no need to book a seat for Joris’ show – you can just stay where you are once the meeting concludes.

Please register for the general meeting itself in advance so we know how many members will be present. This is important in relation to the minimum attendance for approving documents and appointing Board members. You can register by sending an email to Yolanda at [email protected]