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Energy Port update: cutter suction dredger Biesbosch delivered


AYOP member Van Oord has started preparations to remove approximately 850,000 cubic metres of stored dredging sludge in the Averijhaven port for the Dutch government as part of the realisation of the Energy Port.

The first visible action took place on 13 August with the delivery of the 390-tonne cutter suction dredger Biesbosch. While this was by no means an easy task, two gigantic cranes got the job done and the actual dredging and removal of the sludge will start in September. The eventual destination of the sludge is the De Slufter depot in Rotterdam.

Interesting fact: the Biesbosch also performed all the dredging activities for the new sea locks in Ijmuiden, removing 600,000 cubic metres of sand from the lock chamber alone.

Watch the video.