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Dutch Marine Contractors and KILSTROOM

Van Wijngaarden Marine Services (VWMS) has come to an agreement with Dutch Marine Contractors (DMC) on the commercial management of VWMS’ DP1 Multi Cat 3013, to be named KILSTROOM.

In the agreement DMC will support the commercial management of the Kilstroom with immediate effect. Each party shall approach and support their individual market with the availability of the Kilstroom.

This agreed cooperation by Van Wijngaarden and DMC strengthens the position of the companies in the workboat and offshore market and enables them to increase their client base and service level to clients.

The 30-meter Multi Cat 3013 is one of the largest in the range with a bollard pull of almost 40 tonnes, and the KILSTROOM will be fitted with a dynamic positioning system along with additional customizations. The KILSTROOM will be available as per 27th March 2020.

Dutch Marine Contractors and KILSTROOM 3