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"De Slimste Handen Awards 2020" announced

Over 160 technical professionals from 45 technical companies in the Netherlands were recognised during a live online edition of the De Slimste Handen [Smartest Hands – ed.] Awards 2020 on 25 September. Hosted by presenter Sjoerd van Oortmerssen, all the nominees were congratulated on their performance and the winners and special mentions announced.

AYOP members
These annual awards recognise technical professionals, including experts from the offshore sector, who are making a difference in their chosen field. Companies and employees nominate colleagues for one of the six categories, and three AYOP members were included: Tata Steel, Eneco and Atlas Professionals. Although their nominees did not win, being nominated was a great honour in itself.

And the winners are…
A 12-member jury established a Top 3 of all nominations in each category. An overview, including the winners in bold, is provided below.

Category: Inspirator & Motivator | Sharing knowledge, and supporting and inspiring others

  • Etienne Grosfeld - Heijmans
  • Peter Smit - Tata Steel
  • Remco Dekker - Hollander Techniek

Category: Fit & healthy | Strengthening the physical and mental health of themselves and others

  • Marco van den Broek - Alliander
  • Michiel Kriele - ENGIE Electroproject 
  • Gerjo Bosch - Alliander

Category: Social excellence | Excelling in working with colleagues and clients

  • Leon Mertens  - BAM
  • Ralph van Mulken - Hees Installaties
  • Sjaak Haasnoot - BAM

Category: Technical expert | Top performer in a specific technical field

  • Benno Diepgrond  - BAM
  • Paul van Leeuwen - Kuijpers
  • Remco Buitenhuis - Hollander Techniek

Category: Super team | Best in cooperation and enhancing each other’s strengths

  • Monteurs Amersfoort - Hollander Techniek
  • Team afdeling R&D - Wellco Fitform
  • Projectteam LUMC - Strukton Worksphere

Category: Eager to learn & ambitious | Always developing and progressing; taking initiative and being bold

  • Izez Dawut - Van Dorp
  • Marcel Eenhoorn - Alliander
  • Team Praktijkopleiders - Feentra

Partnership with Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports
Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports, Techport and the municipalities of Beverwijk, Heemskerk and Velsen supported the De Slimste Handen Awards to underline the importance of technical professionals in the offshore energy sector.

Read the full article on the awards here (Dutch only).