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Certion strengthens AYOP network with total service for wind turbines

Certion recently became a member of Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports. The company provides total service solutions for wind turbines and is specialised in service & maintenance, assembly & disassembly, inspection & optimisation, and storage & tools.

“The wind energy sector is growing extremely fast, both onshore and off,” says Bart Thiele, sales manager at Certion. “This is creating a wealth of opportunities and challenges that we are keen to become involved with. Being busy with offshore activities on wind turbines in the Netherlands and beyond since 2005 has enabled us to establish a solid network of partners. We aim to further expand this network and strengthen it in the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region to become even more qualified to take on and realise future projects and challenges. Our relations with reliable partners are as sustainable as the sector in which we work.”

Certion recently joined forces with F&B Group from Franeker. The partnership involves both parties sharing and broadening their knowledge of the market and various types of wind turbines on land and at sea. The joint goal is to facilitate clients with everything turbine related, from maintenance to disassembly and all that lies in-between. The two companies have over 55 specialists working to realise their joint mission of helping the planet become more sustainable by making the most of wind.

Online link to wind turbine

Certion provides a range of maintenance packages to proactively address problems with wind turbines, from specific checks and service upgrades to total maintenance. Corrective maintenance helps ensure fast repairs and replacements in the event of acute failures or damages. An online link provides direct insight into which turbines have a defect. Certion has parts in its own warehouse for most wind turbine models, or can rely on its broad network.

Assembly and disassembly

The assembly and disassembly of a wind turbine contributes to a longer economic lifespan and higher residual value. Certion can facilitate the entire trajectory – from assembly of the wind turbine to disassembly and reuse of parts or even full installation elsewhere. These activities are realised by certified specialists both on land and offshore.

More yield than expected

Based on inspections, Certion can provide a detailed insight into the status of the wind turbine at any given time and in relation to the prognosis. The company aims to generate demonstrably more yield from a turbine than expected and inspections contribute to optimising both lifespan and yield.

Storage and tools

Certion has a large warehouse in which all the most commonly used parts are instantly available to engineers. Thanks to a close partnership with turbine manufacturers, Certion has nearly all parts for their models. This also applies to the specific tools used on specific types of turbines. The company also provides the custom solutions required for tools and lifting equipment. In addition, the warehouse has space for the storage of components and materials for clients. Certion also offers related services such as handling, maintenance during storage and more.

Highest yield via collaboration

Bart Thiele: “We are convinced that the highest possible yield of wind turbines can only be achieved via close collaboration between clients and relations alike. This is why we work seamlessly together with turbine manufacturers and international service providers.”

Sylvia Boer, AYOP director: “Certion offers a broad service package for turbine manufacturers and wind farm owners, making it an ideal addition to our association. Teamwork within the network will certainly lead to a better yield from wind energy.”