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Canadian Helicopter Corporation joins Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports

Canadian Helicopter Corporation (CHC) Helicopters Netherlands (HN) has joined the Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports association. CHC HN is the Dutch branch of CHC that took over Schreiner Helicopter North Sea in 2005.

“Recent developments in offshore wind farms make clear that IJmuiden port has a vital role to play and joining AYOP will bring us clear opportunities,” says Jurgen Pille, Captain of CHC HN. “CTVs clearly play a major part in the development and maintenance of wind farms, but due to the unpredictable conditions on the North Sea, synergy in crew transfer can only be achieved by providing an all-weather crew transfer solution.”

CHC HN is stationed at Den Helder Airport (DHA) from where it mainly provides offshore transport services to the oil & gas sector and renewables industry. The company transports over 500,000 passengers a year and hoists passengers to offshore and onshore locations and installations such as wind turbines. CHC HN also operates in the entire Southern North Sea region.

The current fleet of CHC HN consists of six AW139 twin engine helicopters that can each transport 12 passengers and 300 kg cargo. When higher numbers are required the company has an H175 and an S92, able to transport 16 and 19 passengers respectively.

Training facility
At DHA, CHC HN has a maintenance organisation, Integrated Operation Centre, ground handling and passage departments, and an indoor Hoist Training Facility where offshore staff (oil & gas or wind) learn normal and emergency procedures in a controlled environment. Other services the company provides include helideck inspections at permanent installations and vessels, third party maintenance, CAMO services and all logistical provisions related to transport.

Sustainability first
CHC HN has a strong focus on sustainability. Although helicopters are often said to be eco-unfriendly, they emit far less nitrogen and carbon dioxide per passenger than transport by conventional ship. CHC HN is also working hard to further reduce emissions by carefully choosing the optimal flight altitude and speed to lower consumption, and by providing a CO2-neutral option using bio-fuel from residual streams from the food industry combined with a CO2 compensation option. The company has also taken measures to achieve energy-neutral operations.