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AYOP pages in Amport’s Ways to Sea

AYOP has entered into a collaboration with Amports to feature on two dedicated pages in each edition of Amports’ digital magazine Ways to Sea which will be published four times in 2021. The goal is to further enhance our reach in the region.

Dedicated pages
One recurring item will be an interview with members and relations. In the first edition, we kick off with an interview with Wim Schouwenaar (DHSS), Jo Peters (NOGEPA) and David Stibbe (Damen Shipyards Group) about the future of oil & gas. The second item will focus on AYOP videos, starting with vlogs by Reym, Breman Offshore, Lubbers Logistics and Van Gool Hef- en Hijstechniek. Vlogs completed or submitted later will feature in upcoming editions.

First edition
Ways to Sea is now available and, in addition to the AYOP pages, features a detailed article on the upcoming completion of the new sea lock. Other items of interest include a discussion on the hyperloop modality, a look at how nautical services are faring in times of COVID, ways of ensuring ship cargo is pest-free and the future of oil & gas in offshore as well as other news and views from the Amsterdam ports.

You can read the online magazine here  (interview and vlogs).  Only avaible in Dutch.