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17/01/22 15:00

AYOP Business Call with TenneT

The Energy Agreement states, that 16% of the Dutch energy supply must come from sustainable sources by 2023. To achieve that goal, the Netherlands must generate wind power both at sea and on land, with the installation of an electricity grid at sea playing a significant role. The Energy Agreement also indicates that Hollandse Kust (Noord) should be realised in 2023.

With the foundations for Vattenfall’s turbines currently being installed, the generated electricity at sea must then be transported to shore. Tennet is responsible for the required electrical infrastructure at sea and the connection to the high-voltage grid on land. These are remarkable projects that are being carried out in unique conditions.

The realisation of the offshore platform and on-shore transformer station by Wijk aan Zee are currently well underway, and preparations for Hollandse Kust west have started too. Dick Lagerweij, project director at TenneT, shares an update on the activities required to be ready in 2023.