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16/11/21 15:00

AYOP Business Call with Bureau Veritas: what’s next for the energy transition?

We’re currently in the midst of a major energy transition and on the cusp of changes set to have an enormous impact. That much is clear, but how exactly will things pan out and how can your company be ready for whatever the future holds?

As a globally operating service provider in the field of testing, inspections and certification, with some 75,000 experts active in over 140 countries, Bureau Veritas saw these developments coming at an early stage.

During our upcoming Business Call we will go beyond electrodes and molecules to examine the latest trends in offshore wind and decommissioning. Pim Reuderink, Technical Manager Nordics and Netherlands, will explore how to translate wider offshore energy developments into opportunities for AYOP members. Pim will also share a number of new innovations related to the recycling and reuse of foundations, turbines and blades.

Having been involved in offshore activities since the start of oil & gas extraction from the North Sea, Bureau Veritas is a familiar party to most AYOP members. The company has a wealth of experience and expertise in energy generation via wind – and more recently hydrogen – as well as pipelines, cables and offshore systems, at the new build, modification and decommissioning stages. This also applies to on and offshore energy production. In addition, Bureau Veritas and its clients are involved in the electrification of offshore platforms, future CO2 storage in abandoned gas fields (CCS) and the safety certification of these installations on the North Sea.

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Hope to see you on Tuesday 16 November!